Image Gallery of Projects.

 Dudley Park Canal home based on The Murray Design.

katin jpeg

Katin rear

katin kitch

katin lounge

katin ens

katin alf pool

katin alf

 The Novara Design built in Osprey Waters Mandurah


 The Strata Rear Lot Design built in Falcon


Dual Living 2 Storey Canal Home. Port Mandurah.



 Individual Rural Design in Pleasant Grove

Mln ind 2

Mln ind

The Erskine Design Built in Dudley Park Canal location.

Erskine Tasman

image8 600mm

image9 600mm

image11 600mm

image15 600mm

image16 600mm

 Port Mandurah Canal Home

Az 1

 Client Individual Designed Canal Home in Dudley Park


leen 500 2nd plate height

 The Erskine Home Design Built in Dudley Park


 Luxury Canal Home in The Islands

19 Kat felev

kat reelv

Kat ent

_Kat kit

The Canal Vista Design in The Islands

Twi fr elev


Twi Rear elev

Twi kit 600mm

Twi ens 600


 The Legian Beach Design completed in Erskine

Weilders 600mm

Nearing Completion. An Upper Living Front View Design built in Wannanup

Estuary 600mm