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Bunbury Building Brokers.

Are you looking to build? Would you like to choose a design then get more than 1 price on building your new home ? Do you want quality builders at the best price? Want more flexibility choice and the ability to choose the builder and price that's best for you?

Zenun Homes are Building Brokers and have a great range of home designs and Bunbury Builders.

We provide a full comprehensive professional New Home Building, design and sales service to all of our clients.

We are affiliated with some carefully selected  high quality building companies yet we remain an individually run business. This give our clients the distinct advantage of being able to receive more than 1 price building any Zenun Home and the distinct advantage of choosing their prefered builder and quotation.

At Zenun Homes when our clients have worked with us on their plans and are 100% happy with their New Home Design, we undertake a set and detailed quotation process and gain up to 3 individual quotations from our large range of builders.

When the quotes come back to us we do a full analysis of the pricing and make an appointment with you to go over the details of each quotation.

Zenun homes offers continued support after our clients have engaged a builder and right through the total construction stage.

If you would like the same professional service you would achieve dealing with a major builder but prefer the flexibility and piece of mind of being able to gain more than one price, Zenun Homes unique quotation process and large range of building partners can help gain you the best price and quality building your new home.

So if you are looking for the best Building Broker in Bunbury and New Home Building Brokers In Bunbury , Mandurah and South West WA you have come to the right place.

If you would like more information on Zenun Homes and Bunbury Building Brokers please Contact Us and we would be happy to discuss your building requirements with you.

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  1. Lynn Houghton

    Hi, I am looking to build at our reserved plot at the acreage in dalyellup, bunbury. We have been chatting to shelford and dale alcock but I still feel hesitant that we are getting exactly what we want and need for the best possible price. Is there a fee for your service? What does it involve? Kind regards Lynn

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