How can choosing a  Zenun Homes benefit you?

Generally if you find a home design you like you can only use that design and get one price from the builder you are dealing with. That builder will have copyright on that design. If things dont work out with that builder or things price up too expensively you will have to start from scratch, go somewhere else and choose a totally different design. You will not be able to use that design with anyone else. Zenun Homes also has copyright on our designs however we can get more than one price from more than one builder which benefits our clients  alowing us to shop around for the best price to build our designs.

Prices for new homes can vary quite significantly for a similar product within the marketplace. At Zenun Homes you choose our design, make your changes and when you are 100% happy with everything we send it out it to 3 of our quality  builders for their individual quotations. The way we do this doesn’t lock you into the "One builder One price scenario". Our builders compete for your job and his gives you the flexibility to compare 3 different quotations based on the same design and specification and then choose which scenario and builder best suits all your requirements and your budget.                                                                   .

Can Zenun Homes help us to save money on our new home?

Definitely! This is the whole reason we do what we do! Builders margins are not regulated in WA and can vary significantly between different builders on nearly identical construction types and specification levels. We work for our client not our builders and always try and find you the very best scenario based on your design and building requirements in a similar way to lets say, a Mortgage Broker tries to get you the best interest rate on your home loan.

Its very confusing talking to all the different builders and understanding the different offers, promotions and information given to us.  Can Zenun Homes help us understand all this?

It can be very difficult getting a guage on all the conflicting information and perceived giveaways and promotions offered by different builders at certain times. A lot of the incentives, free give aways, thousands of free inclusions etc etc  you may see advertised are often used by builders as a marketing tool to lure the clients their way and to sign them up within a certain time. When dealing with this, common sense must prevail.

At the end of the day nothing is for free and generally things have to be costed correctly into a product that is advertised for a builder to be able to sell it at that price and then build that product for a profit.

Sometimes there may be less things included in a design you see advertised to make up for the perceived value of the free giveaway even though it looks like you are getting a great deal! It can all get very confusing and sometimes people get quite stressed and pressured to go with one of these offers before it expires. Clients should never be pressured by an offers expiry time frame and walk away if they are not comfortable.

Zenun Homes have alot of years of experience in the building industry and understand how this all works. We can generally breakdown the inclusions of these offers and  provide comparable products, inclusions that are itemized in our quotations and extremely competitive building scenarios without the confusion or the pressure!

Can we build a Zenun Homes design anywhere and with any builder?

Zenun Homes carefully select all our builders who have to be  be ethical, competitive and meet our quality construction and builder selection standards. You can only build a Zenun Home with one of our associated builders and through us directly. Other builders and our clients are not authorized to use our designs at any time unless its through Zenun Homes.

We can build anywhere in WA that we have builders available through our associated builder network. We endeavor utilize the builders best suited to your individual building requirements and located in close proximity to your building address. This applies to all Perth Metro and WA country areas where we prefer to use local builders in your area. As we grow we aim to have builders in all areas of WA to build our designs. Please contact us to see if we build in your area.

Is Zenun Homes a building company or owned by any building Company ?

No. Zenun homes is totally independent of any builder and an independently run business. We are not a building company but experienced and professional building professionals with over 19 years of Building Industry Experience well qualified to assist you in all aspects of planning and building new homes in WA.

How do we know the builders you use are good and reputable companies?

At Zenun Homes we strive to provide our clients with the highest possible standards in professional service, expert knowledge and our reputation is extremely important to us.  We believe our clients are our most important asset.  We expect our network of builders to have the same high standards and ethics as we do.  We select our builders very carefully. Only  MBA registered, sound, professional and experienced companies with a high quality of workmanship  and standards are able to quote on our clients jobs . 

What Happens to Zenun Homes once we have signed with our preferred builder?

Once you have signed the Preperations of Plans agreement and your builder has accepted the agreement, the builder then starts work on preparing full working drawing and all the other items required prior to commencing construction.

The HIA or MBA building contract will be prepared by your builder and once signed you will be contracted directly with them to construct your new home. 

Zenun Homes is still with you all the way however. We will actively visit your site and keep an eye on your progress. We are available right through your entire building phase to help with anything you require at any time and help to try and iron out any problems should any occur.

We are busy and its stressful looking for our new home. Can Zenun Homes help?

We can save you a considerable amount of time and stress by you not having to run around dealing with lots of different builders. If one builder has a plan you like you cant build it with another builder or get another opinion on the pricing if it comes in too high for you. At Zenun Homes we finalize your design exactly as you would like it then we get up 3 different quotations for you. We then sit with you and compare all the details of each quotation. We do all the hard work and all the running around on your behalf and if one scenario is not quite as you like we always have the other options available.

How does Zenun Homes earn its income?

Zenun Homes gets paid a fee from the builder in a similar way to how most major building companies in WA would pay their own sales staff. This fee is incorporated into the quotation the builder provides Zenun Homes and is in line with industry averages. 

Do some builders pay you a higher fee than others so you would recommend and promote them more to your clients?

Absolutely not ! Our fee is the same for all of our builders.  We don't get paid more from one builder and less from another . Our fee is uniform between all our builders and we are not financially advantaged by using one builder over another. 


Zenun homes have copyright over all its designs and any drawings we create on a clients behalf which cannot be used without written permission of Zenun Homes.

When Zenun Homes introduce our clients sketch to the builder, an agreement between us gives the builder permission to utilize the Zenun Homes client design one individual time. The builder cannot use the plan again in whole or in part for their own use at any time unless authorized by us in writing.

Why are the prices of your designs listed on your website as approximate figures?

Prices are always changing in the building industry. Due to the fact that we utilize different companies to quote our designs and your final plans, each price will vary based on the individual builders costs and quotation they supply at the time your job is quoted. The approximate figures noted on our website should be a pretty good indication of where the pricing will be. The actual set price is provided by the individual builders at the time of quoting each job.


Note - Any pricing approximations as noted on our website is for Perth Metropolitan areas. Country pricing will vary based on your area and usually be more expensive than the metro pricing. Please contact us for details if you are outside the Metro area for an indication on country area surcharges.