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Why choose Zenun Homes to build your new home ? 

Zenun Homes have our own range of Single Storey, Rural and Double Storey Home Designs to choose from or we can Individually Design a new home to suit your own building ideas and requirements.

At Zenun Homes we welcome any changes to our designs to ensure you have full flexibility to gain your perfect home.

We can cater for all budgets and specification levels with quality Single Storey Homes starting from $250,000 and 2 Storey Double Clay Brick constructed homes from $400,000 upwards.

A range of fantastic inclusions and standard specifications on all our designs.

We provide all our clients a professional friendly and fully comprehensive New Home Building Service working with your ideas to plan all aspects of your home.

Zenun Homes have strong partnerships with a large range of quality building companies yet remain an independently run business. This gives us the distinct ability to offer our clients a range of homes and a product that is not limited to one builders pricing structure as would normally be the case.

Our service is very similar to what you may gain visiting any major Perth building company but the big difference is that we are working for YOU and not employed by the builder which allows us to help YOU get the best price and quality home for your money.  

Our ability to engage more than 1 builder to quote a Zenun Home ensures our clients always have access to the best possible pricing structure with the flexibility to compare the details and price of each quotation with us before choosing the company they prefer to build with.

Building your new home can be one of the biggest financial decisions anyone can make. Why settle for one builders plan and one builders price on possibly your biggest investment ? It makes alot of sense to get a second or third opinion on building your new home which is all part of the service we provide.

Be assured, Zenun Homes carefully select our builders and we only utilize reputable competitive HIA or MBA registered building companies that offer highest quality build standards and levels of personalized and professional service ensuring all our clients are 100% satisfied with their whole building experience.

The best thing is we dont charge any upfront fees or deposits for work or drafting you may find some builders, other building brokers or designers may try and charge you for. Our builders pay us a fee for our service if you are happy with the pricing we gain you and if you go forward with them and build. Our fee is in line with industry averages and is incorporated in your quotation total in exactly the same way as to how most major builders in WA pay their own sales staff.  

If you are planning to build a new home anywhere in WA make sure you talk to Zenun Homes first. We are your number one stop for all your New Home Building requirements . We take all the stress out of building and our unique Builder Quotation Policy could potentially save you thousands on building your new home.

Contact us to book your totally free and no obligations new home building consultation.